Are you familiar with that:

Procrastinate until you hate yourself, then do work, then wonder why you waited so long, then repeat.

Imagine every single morning you had the same objections when brushing your teeth as you have when starting your studies. This would cost you so much energy and surely wouldn't be a good start into the day.

How routines help

Fortunatelly brushing your teeth is easy nowadays. You just do it without objections. Most probably because it became a routine.

Train your routines

To get to this point it probably took some training: As a child your parents had to convice you regulary to brush your teeth until it became a routine to you. Today you just do it.

Use routines

Now imagine you could use routines also for other aspects of your life: you studies, sports or whatever you want to do regular. The aim of this app is to build routines in eight steps/level.

How to develop routines?

We develop a routine by starting with a first small step: In Level 1 you make it a habit to do your task only during a time frame/session of 15 minutes a day.

After that time frame/session it is important to stop your work because you should get used to working only during your time slots/sessions. So in Level 1 it is rather about limiting oneself to 15 minutes a day.

Once you have suceeded Level 1 you can increase the number of time slots/sessions per day.

Limits of this App

Procrastination can have different causes. This app is just a technical help to develop routines. In some cases that might help. In other cases especially if the causes for procrastinating are morex complex it might not help.

Technical Aspects -read carefully-

  • Install: you need to accept to install from unknow source, ignore Google recommendation (will be set for this app only) and at the first start you need to accept (Einblenden über anderen Apps / fade in) and restart.
  • The App works best with Android 9.
  • Never close/kill the app. The app should alway run in the background (that might need battery but the app is anyway a limited training program and you can delete it after reaching Level 8).
  • When your session is running, do not close the timer until your session is finished.
  • Do not use battery saving on this app. For more information check here.